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Our Journey


Espousing a unique and fresh take on modern gypsy-style jewellery, we are proud to bring a sample of our Brazilian culture and relaxed bohemian vibe to the world. 

Based in Sydney Australia, we specialise in designing and collecting unique jewellery that reflects our passion for traveling, beach, and summer culture. Each piece is hand made and ethically sourced from Brazil. We offer our products exclusively online, providing a wide range of styles at affordable prices. 

The name ‘Yarah’ encapsulates both traditional and modern meanings. Yarah or ‘Ocean Goddess’ is an indigenous name from the Brazilian tribe Tupi Guarani. The name Yarah also defines our customers, women of passion and substance, who embrace the good vibes of modern beach style jewellery. 

We are a very tight-knit, hard working, and passionate team who are proud to bring you relaxed bohemian styles that reflect our way of life. 

✦ Love 

Tuane & May